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  1. I want to deposit money to a bank                           Service Price :  BDT 150 (Upto 10km)
  2. I want to do a courier through courier service     Service Price :  BDT 150(Upto 10km)
  3. I want to bring a report from hospital                     Service Price :  BDT 150(Upto 10km)
  4. I want to shop some products from market         Service Price :  BDT 150 (Upto 10km)
  5. I want to take blood from similar group person  Service Price :  N/A
  6. I want to make a ticket for journey                          Service Price :  BDT 100
  7. I want to do a task for my home                                                Service Price :  BDT 150
  8. I want to repair my phone                                           Service Price :  BDT 150 + Servicing Fee
  9. I want to repair my computer                                     Service Price :  BDT 300 + Servicing Fee
  10. I want to do my passport                                              Service Price : BDT 7000
  11. I want to do my driving license                                   Service Price : BDT 9000
  12. I want to make my NID or correction                       Service Price : BDT 3000
  13. I want to do my birth registration                             Service Price : BDT 1500

To Get Such Kind of Service Contact With Us

01742 384 692

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  1. I Need A Free Website
  2. I Need A Youtube Channel
  3. I Need A Facebook Account Or Page
  4. I Need A Facebook ID Or Group
  5. I Need A Instagram Account
  6. I Need A Pinterest Account
  7. I Need A Tumbler Account
  8. I Need A Snapchat Account
  9. I Need A Linkedin Account
  10. I Need A Amazon Affiliate Account
  11. I Need A Payoneer Account
  12. I Need A Paypal Account
  13. I Need A Payza Account
  14. I Need Reddit Account
  15. I Need A Search Console Account
  16. I Need A Google Analytics Account
  17. I Need A Bing Account
  18. I Need A Skype Account
  19. I Need A Imo and Shareit Account
  20. I Need A Whatsup Account
  21. I Need A Viber Account
  22. I Need A Ringid Account
  23. I Need A Gmail Account
  24. I Need A Yahoo Account
  25.  I Need A Hotmail Account
  26. I Need A GPAY Account
  27.  I Need A RabiCash Account
  28. I Need A bKash Account
  29. I Need A Rocket Account
  30. I Need A Nogod Account
  31. I Need A Nexuspay Account
  32. I Need A Easy Account
  33. I Need A Sure Cash Account
  34. I Need A Pure Cash Account
  35. I Need A mCash Account
  36. I Need A Fiver Account
  37. I Need A Upwork Account
  38. I Need A Freelancer Account
  39.  I Need A 99desings Account
  40.  I Need A Zoom Account

Activation Fee For 1-10 Package BDT 5000,

      Others Will Be BDT 500

Get The Service Through Online

        bkash :  01742 384 692

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Course Name :  Blogging Website + Google Adsense,                       Fee :  BDT 3000

Course Name :  Professional Website + Google Adsense,                Fee :  BDT 5000

 Course Name :  YouTube + Google Adsense,                                    Fee :  BDT 7000

Course Name :  Amazon Affiliate Marketing                                     Fee :  BDT 13000

Course Name :  CPA Marketing                                                          Fee :  BDT 5000

Course Name :  Facebook, Email and Social Marketing                    Fee :  BDT 3000

Course Name :  Search Engine Optimization                                     Fee :  BDT 12000

Course Name :  Online Marketplace                                                 Fee :  BDT 3000

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