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how to speed up your computer

Now a days Computer is the most popular electronic item in the world. By using this device we can do maximum work of our daily life. Our home, office, educational institute, medical and business institution everywhere have a significant role of computer. We can get fast performance from a fast computer. To make a fast computer we have to know about how to increase pc speed and how to make windows faster. Although fast performance depends on good configuration or specification of a computer. Besides good configuration need some techniques to increase your computer speed as performance troubleshooter. Messenger are always ready to help you.

Here I am sharing with you about how to speed up my pc. I have described how do i speed up my computer and considering these you will be able to know how to speed up your pc. Lets face it !

Increasing Virtual Memory in Windows 10 :

Increasing virtual memory in Windows 10 is a good tips to make your computer faster. Here I am describing about Increasing virtual memory in windows 10 but it same process during increasing virtual memory in windows 7 and windows 8 also. Lets follow these process :

Go To My Computer Properties
Click On Advance System Setting
Go To Setting of Performance Tab of Advance Tab of System Properties
Click on Change of Virtual Memory Option on Advance Setting
Unchecked The Automatically Manage Option
Click on Custom Size Option and Set it minimum 4096-8072 (4GB to 8GB) and Click on Set and Click on OK, If Need Give Restart your computer.

Set Adjust For Best Performance :

If we know how can I speed up my computer then we can do many kind of work with a limited time. But for slow performance we can not do many work. Setting adjust for best performance is another tips for make your computer faster. Your windows graphics feature will work in light condition by it. Lets face it!

Go To My Computer / This PC Properties
Go To Advance System Setting
Click on Change of Virtual Memory Option on Advance Setting
Click on Check Button of Adjust For Best Performance Option
Unchecked The Option of Show Thumbnails Instead of Icons. Then Click Ok, You Will See Image Preview, Otherwise Windows will not show any image preview.

Removing Extra / Unnecessary File :

Press Windows Logo Key + R

Type prefectch and Press Enter, Delete All Files

Open Run Dialog Box, Type prefetch and press enter, delete all files

In this way type temp and press enter, delete all files

In this way type %temp% and press enter, delete all files

Stopping Automatic Updates

All time automatic update may make you bored during working time. So you can stop this automatic update option in Windows 10. Lets See…

The Following Feature Will Help You Also For Fast Working :

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How to improve computer performance windows 10 :

Here I am showing you about how to speed up computer windows 10, how to increase computer speed windows 10, how to make your computer faster windows 10. You can speed up your computer during windows 7 and windows 8 also with the same process. If you need to know how to speed up laptop then try also same process. Lets try the process of how to increase computer speed. In this way you can improve your computer speed.

How to speed up windows 10 with command prompt :

Go to Run option by typing Windows Logo Key + R

Type Tree and Press Enter, Your computer RAM will be faster by the process.

On next we will display more tips for you. Best wishes for the next.

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