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Facebook Video Download

Facebook has always been a platform for sharing memories with family, friends, and the world. It’s one of the most popular social media sites in the world, but there are plenty of users who are looking for ways to download Facebook videos on Mac & Windows to keep them in their devices for future use.

How to Download Facebook Videos on Mac & Windows

There are many reasons to download videos from Facebook on Mac & Windows – some may want to save the video because they can’t watch it later due to network connection issues or they may want to store it offline so they can play it later without an Internet connection. The process of downloading videos from Facebook is simple.

How to Install the Facebook Video Downloader

There are many reasons to download videos from the Facebook platform. For example, if you want to save a video for a later viewing or share it with your friends. This article will show you how to do just that.

First, click on the Facebook icon in your browser and log in to your account. Click on the video that you would like to download and copy its URL. Now, go to and paste the URL of the video in the bar at the top of their website. This will automatically start downloading for you!

How to Use the Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Video Downloader is a browser extension that enables users to download videos from Facebook. This tool is for those who want to keep their favorite videos on their computer, mobile device, or any other media player.

It can be used as a video downloader and video converter for Facebook. The tool is available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers on both Windows and MacOS computers.

The Facebook Video Downloader is a feature-rich tool that allows users to download all types of videos from Facebook including live broadcasts. It even lets users download the soundtracks of the videos as well as the video captions in different languages if they exist.

What is the Difference Between Auto-Play Videos and Off-Line Videos?

The term “auto-play” indicates that the video starts playing as soon as it is loaded and without any user input. Off-line videos, on the other hand, require the user to click the play button for them to start playing. The former can be annoying because it will keep making noises and preventing you from doing anything until you close it out.

Lets See An Easy Process of Facebook Video Download

  • Go to The Address –
  • Copy the facebook video link
  • Past it in the home page of the site
  • Click on Go and Download
  • You can also download mp3 here

Lets See Facebook Video Download Video Tutorial :

How to download someone else’s facebook live video

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