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Amazon Affiliate Earnings

Amazon Affiliate Earning is most popular on the market. Now a days peoples are trying to work with amazon affiliate marketing. You can get amazon affiliate earnings by working with amazon affiliate marketing. Lets see the work check list fo start work with amazon affiliate marketing to make amazon affiliate earnings.

Step 1 : Finding Niche Or Product

Need find out niche first, niche like a product To do it you have to go amazon, choice your product from here by category wise deep search Click all, go categories and sub categories. Search in google with your selected niche, check trends of itAs example I go amazon, Tools and Home Improvement – Chosen Sub Category Safety and Security – smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Search in google with the keyword. Add Keyword surfer extension for view search volume.  Search volume is a amount of people whose are searching every month with the keyword. 

Step 2 : Keyword Research

Need to keyword research of your selected niche As example if I choose  smoke and carbon monoxide detector then we have to search in googlebest  smoke and carbon monoxide detector, Try the keyword with SEO premium tool like ahref, keyword revealer, kwfinderFor more keyword suggestion we can search in google keyword planner

Step 3 : Finalizing The Keyword

Suppose we finalized best smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Then we have to choose at least 10 more keyword for highlight in article, need to target 3 keyword in heading / sub heading. If the keyword difficulty (KD) is below 30 or more low, then it will be better for rank. Otherwise we have to ignore the keyword. Also need analysis the competitor of the selected keyword. If more than 3 ecommerce website appearing with your keyword then ignore it. Filter your keyword and select low kd keyword for writing informative article. 

Step 4 : Writing Article In MS Word

Write Article For the selected keyword, Choose suggestion keyword from the bottom page of google search resultChoose people also ask section to choose top 5 keyword from here Follow the rules to write review article for amazon products

Title :  Use Title with your focus keywordIntroduction : Use 3-5 line introduction with 3 keyword highlight

Product Title : Use Product Title With 1 Keyword Product

Image : Use One Product Image, Give Product Caption With one keyword

Button : Check Price From Amazon With Link (Make It Orange)

Sub Heading : Feature of the product with product name and keyword Highlight in feature about 5-7 point from product page of amazon website

Image : Use a Image here and give caption with keyword 

Button : Check Price From Amazon With Link (Make It Orange)  
Pros : Here highlight advantages 3-5 point shortly

Cons : Use highlight disadvantages 1-3 point shortly

Image : Another product image with caption and keyword

Button : Buy From Amazon With Link

Conclusion : Here highlight the product situation on the market, positive feedback and questions. Highlight Frequently Asked Questions From People Also Ask SectionNB : Naturally highlight more keyword in the article, use internal link, button link will be your affiliate link, use embedded video if you have. Follow the rules to write informative article for amazon products.  
Highlight only who are use, why use, what kind of products are available, where you can find the products. If your product is  smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Your informative article post can be about Combination of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
or What kind of smoke and carbon monoxide detector are better for great performance or Why you need to use smoke and carbon monoxide detector  NB : Naturally highlight more keyword in the article, use internal link, one external link, use embedded video if you have    

Step 5 : Get Domain and Hosting

You have to Post article in your website. Buy website domain with hosting from trusted, secured and reliable web domain and hosting provider company. I prefer namecheap for their instant support opportunity. You can live chat with their for any kind of problem. If you want to buy domain with namecheap go to the following link, signup and buy domain and hosting. Best wishes for you. 

Remember to choose domain Avoid exact matched domain, try to use broad domain name as you focus maximum contentUse better hosting as you can get maximum traffic. Avoid xyz info org edu domain, always prefer comIf you choose expired domain analysis its history, spam score and link status.

Step 6 : Website Configure With WordPress

After getting website with domain hosting, install wordpress on it. Configure WordPress dashboard and make menu. Create Design widget and install necessary plugin.

Step 7 : Post Article In WordPress Website

Now try to Post first article, try to post article daily. Besides try for link building in your article. In this way everyday 1 article. Besides post summary article with link in social media.

Step 8 : Create Amazon Affiliate Account

About After 1 month apply for amazon affiliate account. Give perfect and real information there and submit. Within 1 week you will get amazon affiliate account. Give your website information there.

Step 9 : Place Affiliate Link In Article

After getting amazon affiliate account place affiliate link in your website every article. Where button are available try affiliate link there.

Step 10 : Create Payoneer Account

Try for payoneer account to get revenue from amazon. Every month 27-30 date you will get revenue. Amazon Will send your earning to Payoneer account and you can withdraw your money to your bank account. Add bank account in your payoneer account. Done. Now you can withdraw money from your payoneer account. 

creating payoneer account

Step 11 : Rank Your Website

Do SEO for your site, Activate search console and analytics. Always monitor search console, analytics and social media response, reply with social media if any query. Try for Backlink, comment backlink, guest post and youtube video with low kd keyword and your web link.

In this way you can rank your website and you will be able to get Amazon affiliate earning from amazon through your website.

Here is my little bit amazon affiliate earnings

Also make a youtube channel and promote your amazon products there with affiliate link.

See the article also to make money online more. Besides amazon affiliate earnings you can try also youtube marketing and google adsense. These are help you to make a passive income.

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